Dec 11, 2017

Trying to get publishers interested in a dramatic novel about a man standing trial for the death of a Catholic priest. Ask Me Anything.

Dec 11, 2017

COLOR DE HORMIGA -- We are here at AMA just to talk about the whole work under this recente project, we found deeply important for us to talk about 'Color de Hormiga' on Ask Me Anything because we are fundraising a Kickstarter campaign for publish & lauch a book on a police graphic novel comic.

AMA with CRAZY MONKEY INK Publisher & MIDNITE'S AVENGER Creator/writer/artist Gabriel Ol Raz Ramirez

I'm Marcus Adetola, Co-Founder of Potentiam the incentive-driven collaborative music social network on the Blockchain. We are at the Pre-ICO stage. Ask Me Anything!

Hey everyone I'm Gerald! Welcome to my AMA. I'm an artist born in DC but raised in Maryland. I've been drawing since kindergarten and always had the dream of creating comics, cartoons, and movies. Comics is where I'll start. I've always been filled with ideas just too little time to develop them. With being a school teacher it gets hard trying balance your passion with your job or career. My goal for my company is to become self-reliant while being 100% entertaining by selling fun, engaging comics, and hosting sip and paints.

Dec 10, 2017

I am the writer of Khyber Knights the graphic novel - A true adventure story set in the lawless frontier of the Khyber Pass during the Soviet war with Afghanistan. AMA!

Dec 9, 2017

Argo Comic’s Dan Sehn Answers Anything about the Argo 5 Kickstarter on AMA!

Dec 9, 2017

AMA about ERATL COMIC The Anphibian heroine a kickstarter project to be sponsored in 35 hours

Dec 9, 2017

My name is Jalen Holsten & I'm a comic book artist Ask Me Anything!

Dec 9, 2017

Knights of the Oblivion Issue 3! An Indie Comic AMA

Dec 9, 2017

I'm Fred Brown, creator of the webcomic, Crystal Story, and its Kickstarter campaign! Ask me anything! :D


Dec 8, 2017

Julian Leal - Indie Synth/Pop/EDM recording artist - Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything! Ever wondered what it's like to be blind or to be a blind business person in a sighted organization? We are Bob and Karina Matuszak and we are working hard to help blind entrepreneurs. Let us introduce you to our world.

Dec 7, 2017

AMA on my medium articles featuring "Product Design". I have will discuss common issues we faced when we try to get involved with "Product Design"

My name is Merit and I'm an entrepreneur. I love the excitement of bringing a business idea to life. My fashion brand Ella Hopfeldt that stands for expertly tailored dress shirts for women, was recently launched on Kickstarter. Ask me Anything!

An Ex-IBM Engineer, Who is a World Record holder for creating the "World's Lightest Jacket", who made is brand the Most Crowd Funded Apparel Brand in India! Ask me anything!#AMA

AMA-New Live Action Game on Kickstarter. Pub Knights

Dec 7, 2017

AMA why? New Beast upcoming on Apps phone market-Hello to Crypto Chat Era!

Dec 6, 2017

"Stickman Official show" My upcoming webseries, will hit on socialmedia- youtube. But I need your support to crowdfund it and make it a success. AMA

Dec 6, 2017

My name is Cayes Delpeche and my team and I are building a Quantum Secure Blockchain AMA

Dec 6, 2017

I faced my own mortality at 24 and lived to share AMA

Dec 6, 2017

AMA guest host David Delany invites us to "" - Global Digital -Art Collaborations & Kickstarter project.

Dec 6, 2017

iPhone lovers rejoice! We finally get the back button...and more! Come join the Nombiss AMA on the Intelli+ Smart Screen Protector!

Dec 6, 2017

Make Your own effective and tasty home remedy, ideal for this winter season! AMA

Dec 5, 2017

AMA- I am Jason Lenox, Independent Comic Book Artist, and creator of "Lords of the Cosmos" a science fiction fantasy comic which will be on Kickstarter in early 2018!

I'm Ray M., indie tabletop game designer and owner of Higher Grounds Publishing. My Kickstarter for Warsong: Second Edition is live, right now! Ask me anything!

Dec 4, 2017

Evander Smart of Bitcoin University will hold an AMA on Monday to discuss "The Future of Money," Bitcoin

Please help my daughter with pseudotumor AMA

Nov 13, 2017

TaTed: Disrupting Luxury Shoes Industry. Ask Me Anything.

Hello, my name is Denys. I'm student and Indie developer. Now I'm collecting money for my project. AMA

AMA Donor Network We are making this process simpler than it has ever been before.

Sep 28, 2017

Dominica Family Needs Help After Hurricane Maria!!! AMA

Help needed with aviation school. I am going to begin flight school and participate in charity flight programs. Just started a fundraiser for those who want to help me. Ask me anything !

Help Support My Dream, Need Building For VILD Songwriting Agency! Ask Me Anything!

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