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Jan 9, 2018

Wouldn’t it be awesome to message a business just like you message a friend at any time of the day? And the friend messages you back with the same excitement?! A quick and instant reply is even better because we all love instant responses. What’s more, texting doesn’t even take your full attention like a phone call would. And all this without having to install a new app. Well, that’s the disruptive power of TrilyoBot, and we’re just getting started!

Neelam says:

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Why do you think businesses will need the TrilyoBot?

Jan 9, 3:22PM EST0 Reply

What programs were used to develop the TrilyoBot?

Jan 9, 12:27PM EST0 Reply

In your opinion, what is the beauty of technology?

Jan 9, 8:43AM EST0 Reply

How important is it for us to learn how to make use of technology?

Jan 9, 7:34AM EST0 Reply

Can you tell us more about your background?

Jan 9, 5:41AM EST0 Reply

What do you love about technology?

Jan 9, 5:06AM EST0 Reply

Did you work on the project alone or do you have a team of developers with you?

Jan 9, 3:50AM EST0 Reply

How long have you been working on this project?

Jan 9, 3:46AM EST0 Reply

How do you think technologies relevant to communication will evolve in the next few years?

Jan 8, 8:00PM EST0 Reply

Technology is driving the way brands are communicating with their customers.What customers want is less noise, more context, ease of use, ease of access and the certainty that brands understand their exact requirements and communicate with them on a personal level.

Jan 8, 8:08PM EST0 Reply

Can you describe your office space or work environment?

Jan 8, 2:23PM EST0 Reply

All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy. Hence, at Trilyo, quite justifying this popular saying, wepromote a work culture that involves enough fun time for our team. We have various options of games that our team can take part in, whenever they need a break. We have a dedicated gam eroom with games like Table Tennis, Foosball, amongst others. Apart from this, we also haveteam outings on special occasions and birthdays. This helps in keeping the team atmospherelight and helps team members bond with each other.

Jan 8, 7:39PM EST1 Reply

Which game would be your first choice to play? Football or Table Tennis? 

Jan 12, 5:45AM EST0 Reply

How did you come up with the name TrilyoBot?

Jan 8, 1:52PM EST0 Reply

The name comes from the 24*7 conversational bot powered by trilyo who can talk,engage and grow customers for any business.

Jan 8, 7:41PM EST0 Reply

Are you using your chatbot on this AMA? ;)

Jan 10, 8:06AM EST0 Reply

Is the TrilyoBot completed or still under development?

Jan 8, 8:42AM EST0 Reply

TrilyoBot is live. Why not have a look of demo video for one of our client Airtel Hideaway Inn -

Jan 8, 7:37PM EST0 Reply

What inspired you to create this technology?

Jan 8, 8:25AM EST0 Reply

Part of being a human being means having limitations, and Trilyo makes it possible for businesses to overcome these with a live virtual assistant that never sleeps. Our conversation-driven platform which we proudly call Trilyo Chatbot, or TrilyoBot, is run by Artificial intelligence which makes it all the more powerful than other messaging platforms or live chats.

Jan 8, 7:45PM EST0 Reply

How do you see the technology, and your product, evolve over the next few years?

Jan 10, 9:00AM EST0 Reply

How do you see this technology affecting the lives of its users in the future?

Jan 8, 7:21AM EST0 Reply

As a chatbot service provider, it is very important for our customers to see value in what offer.We are changing the traditional way of how brands connect with their customers. We first raiseawareness about the need for the product. Following which we give them an opportunity to tryout our product to see if its a best fit for their business. We go extra mile to ensure ourcustomers love what they get and get what they love.

Jan 8, 7:43PM EST0 Reply
What other features will your AI-powered Chatbox have?
Jan 8, 5:46AM EST0 Reply

TrilyoBot connects brands to customers on everyday messaging platforms (Facebook, Kik, Slack etc.) using 3 product - Acquire, Engage and Grow. Know More:

Jan 8, 7:47PM EST0 Reply
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